Our 20 years of experience in the service industry shows the commitment in delivering services, our clients choose to access our special expertise, our track record of delivering services earned us a trusted relationship with our clients.

Commitment in delivering the services

We will be designing and implementing facility service solutions aimed at one goal — returning true value to our clients by helping them achieve their overall objectives

We aim to make our clients' life easier by providing you with one service solution, one team and one point of contact

Good Track Record
in delivering the services

Our services portfolio has increased as the client’s needs. We have always started with a single service with our clients. When we have proved ourselves with exceptional service quality, they often moved by bundling a number of services together, due to our integrated model we have seen a significant opportunity in our growth in all our existing contracts

Success Factors

Providing Trained Workforce and providing continual training to our staffs.

Operates with all regulatory compliances in place.

Save cost on overheads by providing professional workforce combined with IT technology.

Flexibility in providing the services according to the clients requirement without compromising the quality of services

We at KCIC recognize that facilities management is a rapidly evolving field, our experience and knowledge allow us to be an early adopter of sophisticated technologies and industry best practices so our clients stay ahead of the curve.

KCIC provides an innovative, quality solution to outsourced facility support needs by providing the technology, management, and field resources needed to ensure desired results.

KCIC utilizes a dedicated account team for clients that is devoted to understanding the unique challenges of their industry as well as the client's long and short term goals. Only by having this understanding can the special request and program requirements be addressed in a timely and educated manner.

This strategy streamlines the process for the client and reduces the amount of time, resources and costs that are required to be dedicated to executing facility programs.

Untrained Employees = decrees in productivity and output

First impressions last. That's why when it comes to our solutions we can offer our clients a tailor-made solution for your big or small business, the ultimate in cleaning and maintenance.

At, KCIC we understand every environment is unique and requires a specific solution. A clean premise brings a smile on every employee's face and ensures that they feel comfortable and tell others about your establishment.

That's why our solutions offer you the highest quality of manpower coupled with technology, and monitoring. Our cleaning and maintenance methods will ensure that we exceed your expectations and thrives your business.

We believe best practices and effective maintenance Pregame will provide good standards to our client’s premises and it's crucial to maintain asset value

Technology Ensure Best Practices

Our latest "on the move- operations" technology- I- facility, enables our employees to manage your facility with great efficiency and to analyze trends, leading to process and quality improvements.

With easy access (via cell phone, tablet or any online connection) to our systems — work order management, timesheets, workforce management, emergency alerts, billing, inspections, and quality control effortlessly connects with each other and with you. For example, when you're meeting with your KCIC account manager and need a copy of a report, he or she can e-mail it to you on the spot.

How our Software applications can help?

We use our technology platform Computerized Maintenance Management Systems in our day-to-day operations. I- Facility is our in-house built software help technicians provide efficient scheduling for the maintenance of every asset in a building and evaluate the effectiveness of operations and staffing decisions, inspect provide quality control inspections, determines cleaning levels and helps while clients reviews.