Staff Solutions

Our recruitment services are well equipped in recruiting manpower as well as recruitment of industrial and technical staff. We have access a pool of qualified professionals, skilled, semi-skilled and unskilled personnel covering a range of specialities to suit every industrial need.

Flexibility is the key to our staffing solutions, allowing clients to select the elements that work best for them and fit in with the way they work. Individually designed and purposed to deliver, our solutions provide real, demonstrable value to the clients operation.

We provide tailored solutions to help raise the quality, efficiency and productivity of the workforce for both short-term projects as well as more permanent positions.

Industrial Support Services

KCIC team is devoted to understanding the unique challenges of industries as well as the client's long and short term goals. Only by having this understanding can the special requests and program requirements be addressed in a timely and educated manner. This strategy streamlines the process for the client and reduces the amount of time, resources and costs that are required to be dedicated to executing facility programs.

KCIC supplies manpower to large industries for their “Day-to-day shutdown and Turn around Services”. KCIC supplies skilled/semi-skilled/unskilled manpower to various segments of industries

Types of skilled and semi-skilled manpower we currently offer:

Millwright mechanic, Fitters, Rigging, Plumbing, Fabrication, Tinkering, Auto Mechanic, Electrician, Carpenter, Mason, Arc and Gas Welder, Electrical Supervisors with B Grade License

Ministry of defence – in truck and engine division: Engine Division produces the heavy-duty diesel engines to the Capacity of 700HP of water-cooled type and 402HP capacity of Air cooled type.

These diesel engines are used for mining, construction Machinery, earth moving and defence equipment.

The Truck Division manufactures the dumpers of 100-ton capacity, Motor Graders for Mining and Construction Segments and Water Sprinklers of 70,000Ltrs capacity.

KCIC provides of skilled /semi-skilled/unskilled Manpower for both Engine and truck divisions at Mysore site for its various supporting service activities. 

Office Management Support Services


We will be designing and implementing office management support service solutions aimed at one goal — returning true value to our clients by helping them achieve their objectives.

KCIC has developed an extensive daily workload/workflow system to ensure strict compliance with the Scope of Work specifications, and maintain frequency of service. Our management, operational approach and specifically designed workflow and manpower plan will ensure that the clients premises is at perfect condition without any deficiency.

With our demonstrated past performance for delivering quality services, our competitive pricing, our vast facilities experience, our state of the art cleaning programs and our cutting edge technology to gain future efficiencies, you can be confident that office management support service will not only receive best value but a quality service delivery by KCIC 24 hours per day, 365 days a year

Office Support Services Types of Manpower (Technicians, Data Entry Operators, Drivers, Receptionist, Cashiers, Helpers, Typist, Clerk, Office assistant, Peon’s, Ward assistants, Runners, Transporters, Plumbers, Electricians)

Parking Management Services

We manage car parks in private and public establishments, international/ domestic airports, railways stations and tourist sites. Whilst the use of the latest cutting edge technology reduces the leakage of revenue and security of vehicles entering and leaving the site, the personal presence of professional warden compliments the service.

Parking management can incorporate a wide variety of requirements and our experience demonstrates that when it comes to our clients we understand these requirements and have a solution that meets all needs. We will take the time to understand your specific needs and propose a tailored solution whilst ensuring the protection of both your brand and your image.

Our employees carry out their duties with courtesy and professionalism. You will find our team totally committed to the smooth running of your operation.

Visitor Entry Management

Our solutions deliver flexible, professional support in a way that fits in with your requirement, letting you to concentrate on carrying on with business. Our services are proven to deliver across any location. The key is to understand the operational constraints of each environment.

We at KCIC make sure the visitors enter the site without any disruption or mishap, issuing of tickets for entry into the site and guiding them to a safe exit after. We are delivering the service successfully for past 2 decades in national parks and heritage sites in India.

Every venue is different therefore needing customised service packages all accordingly to the client’s flexibility. These solutions can also adapt to seasonal requirements and with a proactive turnaround during holidays.

Staff Accommodation

Barrack Construction Services is the company that undertakes civil construction and structural Fabrication projects. KCIC has so far built a staff accommodation facility having an area of over 2 lakh SQFT for about 1000 members of CISF (Central Industrial Security Force) stationed at Kempegowda International Airport. KCIC has also undertaken maintenance of the CISF staff accommodation facility.


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