Chairman and Managing Director

Mr. I.A Siddiqui

Mr. Siddiqui is the visionary behind the management and success of KCIC Group. A dynamic entrepreneur, he assiduously built KCIC Group based on conservative values, ethics, and good governance. He is the mentor and an inspiration to the entire KCIC family.

With over 35 years of experience across a wide spectrum of service industries, Mr. Siddiqui has extensive knowledge of operations and administration. His business interests’ span across Facility Management, Staffing, Transportation, Construction Services just to name a few.

He has always been deeply involved in building the business from scratch and with his commitment and focus, KCIC group has become a name to reckon with in the industry.


Mr. Salman Siddiqui

Salman Siddiqui, is Mr. IA Siddiqui’s son. After graduating in management studies in London, Mr. Siddiqui returned to join KCIC as a trainee and continue his father’s illustrious legacy.

He has been a key architect of building KCIC and has been actively involved in strategizing and conceptualizing for the Company, with responsibilities including marketing, communication, and finance. He nurtures a vision of rapid expansion across India and has a key role in the operations of facility management, parking solutions, and property management.

Team - Senior Management

Executive Vice President

Mr. R.T. Kulkarni

Mr. R.T. Kulkarni is associated with KCIC from past 7 years. He has joined with KCIC in the year 2014 and currently working as “Executive Vice President” for the company. Mr. R.T. Kulkarni is playing a key role in the company as EVP mainly focusing on Business Development. Mr. Kulkarni is a Post Graduate in Commerce specialized in International Banking. He has started his career with All India Radio and Doordarshan Kendra (Bangalore) and served for 25 Years as Programme Executive Specialized in International Sports Coverage for cricket, Hockey, Olympics, and Asian games during his career with AIR & DDK.

Mr. Kulkarni has joined with KCIC in the year 2014 and continuing his successful career till date. Mr. Kulkarni is having extraordinary talents in all the fields and pillar for the company in business development segment in KCIC

Mr. Kulkarni is also the advisor for the board of P3 (UmlauT), a German company. He is also the advisor for Skill India Group for the Programme “Skill on Wheels”. KCIC management is proud of having Mr. R.T. Kulkarni having associated with KCIC.

VP - Finance

Mr. Mohammed Shameer

Mr. Shameer is an experienced finance professional with a background in Pharma & Machine Tool Industries for close to 27 years. Having an academic background of Master’s Degree in Finance and Corporate Affairs and management services. He is trained in Corporate Finance, Internal Audit, Legal affairs, Legal Compliance Management and Import/Export Compliances.

Before joining KCIC Group, he was with a US based Pharma Company for close to 2 decades head the Finance and Audit team of 16 members. He then went on to work with a Swiss Machine Tool Company for 7 years. With his core competence being audit and finance, he was been awarded several times for getting refunds from Indirect taxes and reliefs under Direct taxes. He also has had experience of in setting up a FZE in Dubai and was also on assignment in Singapore for a short period to set up MIS & ERP packages.

Executive Director & CEO

Mr. Abdul Kader

Abdul Kader has studied, lived and worked in the UK and has had a career path spanning multiple fortune 500 companies. Upon his return to India, Mr. Kader was Practice Head for Verizon India, part of Verizon Communications, one of the largest U.S. wireless communications service provider.
Moving on from such a high profile role at Verizon, Mr Abdul Kader joined as executive director and acting CEO to fuel his dreams of becoming an entrepreneur.

As executive director, he is responsible for managing the growth KCIC in the support services segment. During Mr Abdul Kader tenure as CEO, KCIC employee base has grown from 50 to over 3,500 and expanded into 4 additional verticals with more than 40 million in service contracts signed in the last 2 years.

VP - Operations

Mr. Barani Tharan

A renowned personality for his leadership skill and multiple talent in handling the facility and property management services across various types of industries. He holds MBA degree with the specialization in Hotel Management. Mr. Barani has 18+ years of experience in Hospitality, Facility and Property Management services and worked with reputed organizations such as updater services (UDS), Radha Hospitality Group and MFAR Group prior to join with KCIC and handled the day-to-day operations of 200+ clients.

Apart from Facility Management services Mr. Barani is also expertise in business developement & Marketting, providing operational related training to the team, handling of Costing, Operational fund management, taxation, internal auditing, statutory compliance and crisis management which supports the company at all times..

Mr. Barani is a key player in the growth of Facility Management division of the company and associated with KCIC for 5+ years. He also a certified internal auditor for ISO 14001.

VP - Security

Major. Sanjay

A veteran who was actively involved in (IPKF) Indian Peace keeping force & many other active operations of Indian Armed forces. Transcendent, Perspicacious and Adroit - three adjectives that are worthy to summarize Major Sanjay as an individual. He is National security expert with over 28 years of experience, demonstrating a diverse portfolio of contracts. He has identified a number of areas requiring radical change within the Indian security industry and seek to make said changes in order to benefit both employer and employee.

He has designed an emergency response vehicle, which is unique in nature, very effective & appreciated by many corporates. Major Sanjay is one of the leading thought leaders in the field of Security and safety management.