Technology Ensure Best Practices

Technology has changed the face of the facility services industry, and KCIC helps drive the latest innovations. Customers benefit from improved communication, increased worker productivity and integrated processes to measure results. You'll be able to see what's happening with your facility services, automatically track areas for improvement, save money with paperless automated communication and gain the benefits of reduced response time.

Our reliable IT infrastructure allows KCIC employees to be responsive any time of the day, from any location. We increase the dependability of our people and processes through the support of efficient systems that are ultimately transparent to our customers, and visible to our senior management.

KCIC’s technology provides benefits that help -

  • Control costs
  • Assure quality services
  • Deliver on scheduled services or special requests
  • Communicate efficiently
  • Provide accurate financial information and service reports
  • Consolidate information to drive process improvements
Quality Management System

Highlights of our Tech Infrastructure -

  • A quality management system that is accessible on the cloud to all our employees. The I-facility system, including work orders and inspection systems— is Web-enabled and Mobile-enabled, allowing employees and customers to view and provide feedback through the Web and communicate through a handheld device.
  • Internal work system allows users to work in a web-based collaborative environment. Employees have access to their computer desktops through the cloud, providing them with all of their work applications in a 100% secure environment.

In short, we've mastered the technology side of our services. By tapping into our expertise, our customers enjoy the quality results that only come from working with a leading expert.

KCIC continues to make strides to ensure that we remain on top technological innovation in our industry. Incorporating the latest technological advances in equipment, information, tools, chemicals, and training techniques. The automation of our services has allowed us to cut costs and the incorporation of such advanced equipment ensures continuous communications, enabling the ability to provide the best and most responsive service.

iFacility - IEI


Our latest “on the move- operations” technology- I- facility, enables our employees to manage a facility with great efficiency, to analyse trends, leading to process and quality improvements.

With easy access via a handheld device to our servers—work order management, time sheets, workforce management, emergency alerts, billing, inspections, and quality control are effortlessly logged.

Unique SLA driven dashboard provided by I-facility is used extensively for reporting and to perform tasks on-time with an automated escalation matrix for the client and operational teams.

Our Quality Control process

  • Inspect

Perform detailed inspections using handheld devices provided to facility managers/ admin – our software enables inspections anywhere at any time and translates directly into noticeable increases in productivity

  • Evaluate

Correct deficiencies, identifying the gaps in cleaning and maintenance, detailed reports on the gap analysis will help clients to improve service in a demanding environment

  • Improve

Track trends to improve service, provide clients with proof of performance and make appropriate changes in the process.

24/7 Client Dashboard

24/7 Client Dashboard

Your own online portal gives you 24/7 access to a dashboard for account management. You can view contract terms and billing history, manage your services, send feedback and create or view live or static custom reports.

Through technology, you can precisely and easily manage:

  • Communication
  • Work Orders
  • Periodic Scheduling
  • Inspections
  • Quality Assurance

I-facility dashboard provides priority criteria (colour coded) for constant monitoring, thus improving the service level drastically. The dashboard provides a detailed view of all the requests and pending work orders. The automated escalation matrix for the services are sent to operational team on-site and offsite, service request creations are handled through telephone, e-mail and web.

Work Order Management

Work Order Management

I-facility facilitates entering and tracking work orders from inception to completion. The status of open requests and periodicals that are scheduled can be reviewed and updated—all in real time via a hand held device or computer. Work orders are generated and dispatched to our staff via email to a variety of wireless devices. Once the work order is completed, it can be closed immediately using the same delivery devices.

Work Orders

Work requests are entered, updated, and closed out online via computer or other wireless device. The full history and status of all work orders is visible on the website dashboard. KCIC management staff is notified automatically if work is not completed within the specified time frame as requested.

Contract Administrator

Contract Administrator

Our dashboard will include computerised record keeping for generating inspection reports. Managers and supervisors will perform inspections of designated areas to ensure continued compliance with the contract requirements. Inspection reports will available on-line to the Contract Administrator, or his/her representative, on a regular basis.

Inspections will contain the following information:

  • Date, time, detailed location of the inspection, including terminal and concourse location, as well as room numbers where applicable.
  • A detailed inspection result of the area that includes compliance of Contract requirements.
  • Name of the person conducting the inspection.

If during the course of the inspection a maintenance issue is found, we will notify the client immediately. Our managers and supervisors conducting the inspection have been empowered to do so.

Our inspection program is capable of recognising any discrepancies, or areas that do not meet with contract requirements. We will generate a timely discrepancy report that outlines all areas needing additional attention and work orders will be initiated for the completion of all areas needing additional work that was noted in inspections from the previous day.

We will correct any areas where discrepancies are found, and take corrective action to resolve the problem area and prevent future issues. The problem will be addressed as soon as possible, but no later or within twenty-four (24) hours since identification.

We will also monitor the status of all recycling receptacles in the terminal and concourses on a daily basis (7 days per week) to ensure that the areas are meeting good housekeeping standards.

Regular inspections are an integral part of our quality program. Our ability to constantly assess and document the level of service our customers are receiving is a large part of our success.

Our quality inspection program includes -

  • Inspections by the on-site shift supervisor
  • Inspections by the on-site Project Manager
  • Inspections by the location Manager
  • Periodic inspections by the location head

At the conclusion of the Manager's inspection, we meet with client’s representative to review all of the quality data we have collected. This meeting also gives you an opportunity to discuss any areas of concern you may have or any other issues that need to be discussed. We want to make sure that there are no surprises, and that issues of concern are addressed before they become problems.

Results can be viewed by:

  • Entire Facility
  • Individual Building
  • Floor
  • Custom Defined Area
Standard Inspections

Standard Inspections

The Inspection System design is based on client requirements. We establish parameters for each cleaning area during program installation and an evaluation of the condition of the facility along with baseline quality objectives specified at the outset.

These objectives become the benchmark for all future inspections for each individual area.

In addition to inspections that are conducted by supervisors using the Enterprise Inspection System, the KCIC Project Manager conducts daily and/or weekly inspections as follows - above and beyond the Enterprise Inspection System:

  • Cleanliness inspection for all areas serviced
  • Reviewing the customer communications log
  • Reviewing the periodic task schedule
  • Inspecting equipment
  • Ensuring that service workers have proper uniforms and IDs
  • Reviewing key control procedures
  • Making sure that employee notices for property and equipment safety are posted and that they are current
  • Reviewing previous inspection files and logs
  • Checking the inventory of supplies

The KCIC Project Manager meets with the client’s representative on a weekly basis to:

  • Review the objectives and standards for each area
  • Discuss overall inspection scores for each area, based on number score and weighting according to the importance
  • Provide written comments on areas that are not acceptable
  • Discuss opportunities for improvements

Copies of inspections by the Project Manager, supervisor’s management will be provided to the client team. The Project Manager will ensure that corrective action is completed in a timely fashion and report to the office at time of completion. The local office will ensure that any such deficiencies are covered in the next inspection cycle. The inspection results are available through a secure web portal using the individual assigned password.

Quality Certificates

ISO 9001

Obtained towards meeting the "Quality Management System" at all the times. I.e. Continuous Improvement on the services provided to the clients, Providing Consistent Performance, improved morale and improved operation results.

ISO 14001

Obtained towards meeting the requirements of an environmental management system in order to improve the environmental performance by providing more efficient use of resources and reduction of waste, and gaining the competitive advantage and the trust of clients.

OHSAS 18001

Obtained towards meeting the international standard of requirements related to Health and Safety Management system. This enables KCIC to have control over, and knowledge of all the relevant hazards resulting from normal operations and abnormal situations and improve its performance towards health and safety management.

SA 8000

Obtained towards to ensure implementing ethical practices as per the standards. KCIC is also developing, maintain, and apply socially acceptable practices in the workplace.