Engineering Services

We will optimize all your assets to perform at its peak and you never have to experience any downtime and therefore ensure highest productivity.

We will help reduce your operating cost with proactive maintenance planning. We manage the life cycle of your electrical distribution systems to keep them running at maximum efficiency with a reduction in electrical failure.

We provide tailored solution to help raise the quality, efficiency and productivity of your workforce for both short-term projects as well as more permanent positions. Thus making KCIC, a solution for all your manpower needs. Majority of our staff are trained in-house and deployed in client premises thus reducing the need for additional training.

Operations and Maintenance
  • HT/LT Electrical System – Electrical Panel Boards, HT/LT Circuit Breakers, Calibration of Energy Meters, CTs and safety relays, Distribution Boards etc.
  • Air-conditioning system – Package A/c, Central Plant A/c, AHUs, FCUs, Split A/c Etc.
  • Plumbing system
  • Water Management - Raw water & sewage system, water treatment plants, RO Plants, Sewage Treatment Plants (STP), raw water sumps, treated water sumps, overhead tanks, Pneumatic pump system and Bore well pumps.
  • Fire Fighting System- Fire pumps, Fire Engines, fire sumps, fire overhead tanks, jockey pumps, booster pumps, wet risers, fire hydrant boxes, fire hoses, nozzles, fire sprinkler systems etc.
  • Electronic Security System – CCTV, Fire Panels (Local & Master Panels), Smoke Detectors and Heat Detectors Etc.
  • Elevators & Escalator Maintenance
  • Water treatment plants (WTP)
  • RO Plants (ROP)
  • Sewage Treatment Plants (STP)
Annual Maintenance Contracts

AMC execution, AMC tracking, and periodical renewal, AMC execution for critical pieces of equipment such as diesel generators, electrical panel Boards, air-conditioning Equipment’s, firefighting systems, motors & Pumps & Lift and Escalators.

Monthly Billing System

Generating a monthly billing towards electricity charges for office and common area, Chill water billing by using the BTU meters, rental, maintenance charges and parking charges.

Statutory Requirements

Tracking of and periodical renewal of Fire Clearance, Occupancy Certificate, periodical electrical Inspection, lift license, pollution control board – Combined Consent for Operation (CFO), consent for waste management, approval for storage of UG diesel tank, Waste disposal etc..

We use our technology platform Computerized Maintenance Management Systems in our day-to-day operations. I- Facility is our in-house built software help technicians provide efficient scheduling for the maintenance of every asset in a building and evaluate the effectiveness of operations and staffing decisions, inspect provide quality control inspections, determines cleaning levels and helps while clients reviews.