Maintaining a clean and hygienic environment in station premises and in trains by KCIC is imperative. An average of 1 lac passengers frequent the stations and travel in the trains every day all over the city. It is, therefore essential for us that our quality standards are in line with international best practices.

We have continually provided good and reliable FM service and improved service touch points to serve our commuters and client better. Over the years, we have received positive feedbacks and we value these as a source of encouragement as we continue to improve the service and travel experience. Our efforts were recognized through a series of contracts awarded through competitive bidding process and today we are managing about 60 stations.


Our Metro train stations clean includes maintaining cleanliness in the circulating area outside the station building and on platforms, in the concourse, toilets, drains and sewers inside the station premises in addition to a proper waste management system, lift ,escalators, high rises, passenger platforms, passenger entrance and exit gates, train track, emergency stair case and landing, and deep cleaning of the metro trains at the depot.