KCIC Group has consistently demonstrated growth through its constant endeavor to expand the portfolio of offerings in areas which have immense growth prospects and business models which are scalable.


As new opportunities emerged in the airports and aviation industry. In 2002, KCIC was formally established to provide ground handling services at Indian Airports and becoming a major breakthrough for the group.

Barrack Construction Services is the company that undertakes civil construction and structural Fabrication projects. KCIC has so far built a staff accommodation facility having an area of over 2 lakh SQFT for about 1000 members of CISF (Central Industrial Security Force) stationed at Kempegowda International Airport. KCIC has also undertaken maintenance of the CISF staff accommodation facility.


KCIC saw a significant potential in parking management and entry ticket management, especially at various airports and national parks. This was later added as an all new vertical in the KCIC portfolio.

KCIC Group has also forayed into providing Radio Taxi Services. KCIC Group joined hands with India’s renowned taxi service company, Mega Cabs Private Limited to offer authorised radio taxi service for Bengaluru International Airport.


A watershed year in the evolution of KCIC.

Facilities Management division transitioned from a traditional service oriented company to adopting processed and setting up systems meant to scale up in the competitive atmosphere. The first step was to capture the growing requirements of Metro train network in Bangalore and Chennai as well as other government and private sector clients.

Major breakthrough in upselling and cross-selling, bagged transportation services contract from Chennai Metro to offer feeder services to 32 stations with 128 cars. 3500+ employees deployed in various projects as on 2018. Revenues crossed over 80Cr in facility management segment.