Housekeeping Services at airports

Which includes landside areas, restrooms, passenger terminal, domestic and international lounges, vehicle parking, VIP terminal etc.

In order to focus attention to our project management each day, KCIC has developed an extensive daily workload/workflow cleaning system to ensure strict compliance with the Scope of Work specifications, and maintain the frequency of service. Our management, operational approach, and specifically designed workflow and manpower plan will ensure that the airport is cleaned and in an aseptic condition that the airport, and its customers, can be proud of 7 days a week, 365 days per year.


An integral part of our unique service delivery operational plan is our specifically designed "Airport Facility Grid System Cleaning Program", which was developed to provide very detailed, systematic cleaning of all areas within our customers' airport facility, in accordance with the contractual specifications and requirements that are clearly defined as the "Scope of Work". This facility grid layout approach allows our cleaning staff to enter, clean and exit predetermined sections of the facility while performing specific duties and cleaning procedures to ensure all areas are cleaned on a regular and thorough basis. This pre-assigned area plan is used to allocate and track porter servicing, general cleaning, restroom cleaning, floor care, and many other periodic cleaning services. With our Airport Facility Grid System Cleaning Program, our project management can focus all of its attention to ensuring procedures and frequencies are maintained and quality service delivery is achieved. Specific details of our proprietary and confidential Airport Facility Grid System Cleaning Program can be provided upon request.