Technology & innovation

We have committed funds and resources in developing new technologies to aid our FM business

Quality Management System

We ensure the job is completed as per quality requirement and work tirelessly to ensure there is a process of improvement and leaving the door open for suggestions.


We follow every comprehensive process documentation of FSIP (facility specific implementation plan)


We take training our manpower seriously and believe a trained workforce means a smart workforce that will ensure productivity and proficiency.

Quality Control Process - IEI



Perform detailed inspections using handheld devices provided to facility managers/ admin – our software enables inspections anywhere at any time and translates directly into noticeable increases in productivity


Correct deficiencies, identifying the gaps in cleaning and maintenance, detailed reports on the gap analysis will help clients to improve service in a demanding environment


Track trends to improve service, provide clients with proof of performance and make appropriate changes in the process.

Simple Secret

We attract the most proficient people. Train them - choose the best materials, equipment, arm them with technology and best practices. We only take projects if we are absolutely certain to deliver them with high quality and as per the client’s expectations

Our Formula


Clients - Key to Our Success

We hear all your thoughts 24/7, it can be a complaint or suggestions or appreciations- our team and our technology platform will enable our clients to send their feedbacks anytime, this helps us to improve our service delivery and address all their thoughts in a timely manner.

Team that Cares

We care for our team, our clients and our surroundings, we ensure our people are taken care, our clients are looked after, we will do all the thinking on our client’s behalf, bringing innovative ideas to the table, and never stop looking for ways to be efficient and save cost and support the neighbourhood by providing employment and improve their livelihood.